Just Chillin’

We are now into our third day at Ocho and feeling very relaxed. It’s amazing how well you can sleep here after a day of basically doing nothing, which was how we spent our Saturday. None of us even bothered to leave the villa. On Friday, Pat and I did our annual first-day walk into town to get some pesos and just stretch our legs. We walked the length of the malecon, effectively akin to a boardwalk, where the local government had sponsored an installation of hearts in the Tlaquepaque style. It’s the name of a town in the Jalisco state, where Puerto Vallarta is located, that is known for its pottery. PV has always been a very artsy town and these types of displays are common here.

We returned for the Friday night cocktail party that has been a tradition at Ocho for all the years we’ve been coming. The club likes to host it in the penthouse if the occupants agree, which we did. At the top Pat and I are with our friend Vicki. She and her late husband discovered Ocho in 1983 and introduced us to it a few years later. We all met at Dow Jones. Vicki hired Pat and was her first boss, so yeah, we all go back a few years.

Today we are going to have to venture out again at some point. Vicki has two friends who took another one of the villas and have been our dinner guests for two nights, but we will be going to a local restaurant this evening. The chef and houseman are off on Sunday, their one off day in Mexico, so we are on our own. I know, poor babies, how rough. We were going to go out one night anyway. Tomorrow or Tuesday Pat and I will likely go play our one round of golf while we are here, and later in the week we will be in Mexico City to watch the pros playing the World Golf Championship event. That should be fun. For now, some more Vallarta views.

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