Our Slice of Heaven

Many people have that special place that they go back to for solace and rejuvenation, and for us that place is Ocho Cascadas in Puerto Vallarta. We used to be more regular visitors as time-share owners from roughly 1993 through 2012, when the property was closed down for renovation. We visited once after the renovations were completed in 2015, staying in our old villa 6. This time we are blowing it out, staying at the penthouse. It features two levels and more places to sit and relax than it may be possible to use.

We had rented the PH previously during an interim period while the owners/developers of the property, the Giddings, decided what to do with it. It was nice then, but truly spectacular now. We are sharing the unit with our friend Vicki. It was Vicki and her late husband who discovered the property in 1983 and later introduced it to us, but they never stayed in the penthouse. So this is a bucket-list trip for her, one we are happy to be able to share.

For this post, the pictures really tell the story. The view at the top is looking down the property to the individual pools that each unit has. It was taken early in the morning, before the cascades are turned on to create the effect for which the property is named. Some views of the PH living area follow.

The following images are of the master bedroom.

And it wouldn’t be Ocho without a sunset.


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