Why New Zealand?

Unlike some of our other trips (Chile, Sicily), we haven’t been asked why we’re going to New Zealand. It’s on many people’s bucket lists, and would probably have remained on ours as well except that, once again, we’re following our niece.

After her spring semester in Paris, Casey took off for fall semester in New Zealand. So what better reason to move up the ‘bucket list’ trip to now. She’s in Christchurch, so we’ll spend our first few days with her, then start our tour of the South Island.

Since this is a trip that will be all about the views, I’m starting with our view this morning. I like it a lot, though I expect we’ll be posting some better ones soon.

City view from our apartment
River view from our apartment


  1. You have started off with 2 great photos – can’t wait to see the ones yet to come
    give my favorite student a hug from me


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