Our First “Tramping” in New Zealand

After 26 hours of travel since leaving our apartment in Philadelphia (give or take) we have finally arrived in Auckland and are waiting on another flight to our final destination in Christ Church, which (sigh) is delayed. Tramping is what the Kiwis call hiking. The country is renowned for its scenic beauty, and we are certain the sights will improve, but our first tramp as it were was from the international to the domestic terminal, a trek of about 15 minutes. You could take a bus, but both of our long haul flights ended with the planes parked in the boonies, so you had to bus in to the terminal. In short, we were ready for a walk after 17 hours on airplanes, ending with bus rides. (But seriously, American Airlines doesn’t have enough juice to get a real gate at LAX?) As the above photo shows, our scenic stroll took us through car parks and oil storage depots. We expect the scenery will improve. (Jim wrote this post under the wrong login).


  1. I’m happy to see that you’re smiling in spite of the delay

    hope the upcoming scenery will make up for this one

    give a hug to my favorite granddaughter Casey and enjoy Tramping


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