Off the Grid

We left Granada, Spain early this morning to drive to Blanca, which is near the town of Murcia. Never heard of either? Well, neither have most guidebooks. We are definitely off the typical tourist grid with this stop. Neither is covered in the guidebooks that we have been relying on. Blanca doesn’t even rate getting placed on the map in the book.

But it looks like an artsy little town and the air B&B we are staying in seems comfortable enough. The above view is looking outside of the picture window of the unit. We are here to meet up with friends from NYC who are midway through a two-month extended stay. Judith is a sculptor who was selected to participate in an artist residency program in the village. As I write this we are waiting to meet up for lunch.

The drive from Granada was relatively easy once we got out of the city. Thankfully it was early on a Saturday morning and there was no traffic. However, it took three different mapping solutions to find this place, and the guy that checked us in spoke no English. Not surprising given where we are. We will have more to share later.


  1. Pretty nice way to celebrate your birthday. Hope the rest of the day went well and Happy B-Day.

    Larry and Carmen


  2. I hope the view makes up for anything that isn’t perfect such as an English speaking person in Spain

    by this time you have met and had lunch and I’ll be looking forweard to more photos and writing





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