South Florida

We dashed off to the Turnberry resort in Aventura for a Labor Day weekend getaway. We know what many of you are thinking: who in their right mind goes to South Florida in late August? You’re reading about them, and so far at least it’s been great.

We visited this resort twice in mid 90s, both times in season with Marty & Barbara Warfel, and really enjoyed the place.  At the moment it’s in the midst of a major upgrade, dominated by the construction of a large tower that will become a JW Marriott and the addition of a big water park to make it more family friendly, plus other amenities. The entrance to the property is a mess but once in our room, which overlooks the golf courses, it is serene, as is sitting by one of the original pools.

One of the things we have always liked about South Florida is how different the culture is with the Latin influence. We dined at a Peruvian themed restaurant last night that was outstanding, located in a very upscale shopping center. But we got to sit outdoors and it was a nice evening. Today we played our first round of golf at one of the two courses on the property and found out the starter, Augie, was likely doing the job when we visited the last time.

As for the weather? Typical of what I recall from living here many years ago. Humid, yes, warm of course, but nowhere near as stifling as a summer day in NJ due to the sea breezes. Already thinking we might have to come back next year and check out the completed renovations.

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