Running Against the Wind

Our dahabeya, Aida, showing off her sails

As Jim noted, we are now on our dahabeya, cruising the Nile. It’s not exactly the way Cleopatra and the Pharoahs traveled, but it’s closer than the large ships that ply the River one after the other. According to our tour guide, almost 400 of these ships go between Aswan and Luxor daily.

Just six of the many large boats cruising the Nile.

We’re happy to be ensconced in our small boat that holds a max of 16 people. It is wind powered, but since we’re traveling against the wind they use a small tug to pull us along. It’s still very quiet and peaceful.

Our tugboat pulling us gently along the Nile.

I don’t think today’s outing will be quiet and peaceful. We’re starting with a camel auction, then going to a temple, then we’ll learn to make crates from palm leaves. Unfortunately, they will probably be too big to bring back as souvenirs. Jim will likely provide the details later.

It hasn’t even been a full day, but Jim and I have adjusted quickly to life on the Nile.

We could get used to this!

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