More Cattle Than Cars

Rio Grand Gorge, Taos, NM

We arrived in Taos in mid-afternoon after a four-hour drive, the most interesting part of which was crossing the Brazos Mountain Range in northern New Mexico on US 64. The two-lane road climbs to a height of 10,500 feet at its highest point. Yep, that is twice the elevation of Denver. After that you gradually decline to an elevation of 7,000 where Taos sits.

There were long stretches where we did not see a car in either direction, but we did see a lot of cattle roaming about, hence the title of this post. Two motorcyclists followed us down the mountain after we passed them when they stopped at one of the overlooks. Later I met up with the riders, two older guys like this writer, as is often the case. They said I was driving at the perfect speed. We chatted when we all stopped to stroll across the bridge that traverses the Rio Grande Gorge, which is 650 feet deep, seen a the outset.

Our friends from New York arrived later from their tour of the Grand Canyon and the Painted Desert in Arizona. Off soon to dinner in town and a tour of Georgia O’Keefe country tomorrow,

Pat outside of our casita in Taos.


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