Why New Mexico

Hanging at the American Express lounge.

It seems we often get the question “Why there?” when we travel. New Mexico is no exception. The answer to that question goes back to the 80’s, but also includes the pandemic and a father’s wish.

We’ve always enjoyed art, and we wanted to go to Santa Fe since it is known as a very artsy town. Plus a friend of ours from that era was of Native American heritage and she was interested in going too. Finally, it didn’t hurt that I was an avid Tony Hillerman reader at the time, whose detective novels take place in the Four Corners region, including New Mexico. I mapped out a draft itinerary but for some reason we never made it. Jim and I threw out the idea occasionally, but it never took hold. We went to Chile, Russia or Greece instead.

Fast forward to 2020. In the midst of the pandemic, but with vaccines in sight, we started to think about a vacation that was farther than driving distance. At the same time, a good friend was caring for her father who had a serious illness. My friend said when her father recovered we should all go to Santa Fe together. The idea took hold. Only later did I learn that her father had said he wanted to see Santa Fe before he died.

Happily, my friend’s father survived, though he won’t be joining us on the trip. Jim and I will explore northern New Mexico on our own, then meet up with our friends for the Taos and Santa Fe portions of the trip. They will be coming from the Grand Canyon and Petrified Forest.

As with all things, you can find bright spots in anything. We’re seeing more of our country because of our limited travel opportunities, and I’m excited to check off a 40-year-old bucket list item.

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