We arrived Wednesday evening at our final stop on this trip, the beautiful Snoqualmie Falls about a half hour east of Seattle. We are staying at the Salish Lodge & Spa, which one of my Seattle friends described as “upscale in a Pacific Northwest kind of way.” I will leave it to Pat to handle the actual hotel review, but an exterior shot of the property, similar to the one below, opens the 90s TV show “Twin Peaks,” in which it’s called the Great Northern. The real hotel isn’t as rustic as depicted in the show but it does feature a lot of wood accents.

The title of the post refers to the fact the falls are 268 feet high. Fun fact that we didn’t know – That is higher than Niagra Falls, though obviously not as wide. The falls were first used to generate hydroelectric power around 1900 with the opening of the first plant; there are two generating stations now. The shot below shows the pipes that carry water to the lower station; we walked down to the river below the falls this morning.

We are leaving shortly to walk into the nearby town and later will be playing a round of golf. Yesterday we paid a visit to the “office,” where my boss and colleagues hang out in the Fremont section of Seattle. Very cool area that’s home to a Google office and other tech companies. I’m not naming names, but that’s the team photo below. Yep, this motley looking bunch actually gets paid.


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