Seattle Sojourn

We arrived Friday night for our first visit to the Pacific Northwest city after a direct flight from Philadelphia — it was just a two-movie flight instead of our recent four and five movie treks. We aren’t noted for our domestic travel schedule but we have long had an interest in coming here and we are looking forward to exploring the surroundings, and later in the week visiting with work colleagues based here.

The flight was uneventful but we were surprised to find the above very long line for the rental car shuttle. It had to be 100 or more people deep, but we got through it quickly. I got a good deal for a week but couldn’t pick my car. We ended up with a behemoth SUV, which feels pretty weird to this Mini driver.

Our first day was spent hitting some of the local highlights, starting at the Pike Street Market. It’s hugely popular with tourists, but the locals also shop there. The seafood in particular looks amazing as is clear from the photos. It’s well known also as the location of the first Starbucks,still with the original bare-breasted mermaid logo. Couldn’t keep that with prudish Americans elsewhere in the country. We didn’t go in.

By then it was time for the first local craft brew so we went to Old Stove Brewing, which my boss had on his list of recommendations. Good beers and nice waterfront views. It is a full restaurant but at that point we weren’t hungry. The owner obviously went to the University of Michigan.

We wrapped up with a walk through a more touristy stretch of the waterfront, where the Ferris wheel is located and you can book boat tours. Basically, shore-town anywhere kind of place.

From there we went to the Seattle Art Museum, which was a good stop. Interesting diverse collection. One of the special exhibits was by a South African visual artist that did a series of self portraits. She’s a lesbian,which can be dangerous in Africa for those that come out. There is also an interesting collection of artifacts from the native people of the Pacific Northwest. Definitely was a worthwhile stop.

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