A Study in Contrasts (or Jim Maintains His Good Humor)

We are now in Granada, having left the splurge of Finca Cortesin, where in addition to enjoying golf at a gorgeous course, an ‘exclusive’ beach club plus 3 pools, we also dined at their Michelin-starred restaurant, Kabuki Raw. (That could be a post on its own. I think we’re spoiled for sushi forever.)

We’re now staying at a hotel in a 16th century building that has many of its original architectural features – so let’s say it’s not ultra plush. But it is authentic and I got us the room with the view of the Alhambra.

Our dinner tonight was also substantially more basic yet authentic. I had read you can basically make a meal out of free tapas in this city, and it appears to be true. For the price of a couple beers we got delicious ham (of course!) sandwiches, fries and olives. We opted to make it a little more substantial by stopping at another place for yet more free little sandwiches, plus a real meal of gazpacho and chicken curry.

Not fancy, but good and just what we wanted.

Getting here accounts for the subtitle of the post. I knew when I booked the hotel that it’s in a pedestrian-only zone in the old (formerly Muslim quarter) of the city. Our hotel sent us a map so we could follow the directions precisely to get to the hotel. We had to give them our license plate number so we could get through the city gates. The concierge at Finca asked what size car we had, since larger vehicles are too wide for the streets. Yikes! What did I get us into?!

Happily, intrepid driver Jim found his way to our hotel, and we can leave the car parked until Saturday!

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  1. P&J

    I love love this first photo — the one of the two of you is great and the beer looks really good – probably not O’douls

    the writing describing what you’re seeing is just absolutely so good if I could I’d go where you go

    Kabuki Raw does not intrigue me but I’m sure I’d enjoy the Tapas

    can’t find a place like this anywhere near Whiting

    love reading

    love ya

    Mom (Pat)

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