We had a pleasant drive from Wanaka to Queenstown on Saturday via the Crown Range Road, which is the highest road in NZ. It was a clear and pleasant day so the drive was relatively easy and the views, not surprisingly, spectacular.

We stopped en route in Arrowtown, which is about 20 minutes outside of Queenstown. It was originally a gold rush town and they have maintained the old time look and feel. Felt a bit Disney-inspired, but it was a good diversion. Toured the remnants of a village where miners from China lived in the 1800s. We enjoyed a coffee and an ice cream before hitting the road.

Hitting Queenstown the biggest challenge was getting to our hotel due to road closures related to an annual marathon being held that day. But we made it and later dumped the rental car. My driving time here is done. Overall, it went well. Queenstown is another lovely lakeside city. Unfortunately today might be the last decent day weather wise. This is a quick post as we are waiting for a bus to Milford Sound, hopefully a highlight of the trip. A planned golf outing tomorrow is likely not going to happen, but we will adjust. Not the end of the world. Some city views follow.

Pat here. Per my mom’s request, here is a photo of Jim. We were having coffee and ice cream at Patagonia, as he mentioned. One of the few pictures without a cocktail in front of him!


  1. Jim

    this first photo is amazing – so many colors in the mountains looks like the brushstrokes of an artist

    that along with the clouds make a truly special photo

    all the photos are good but this one takes the cake!!

    Pat’s lookin’ good – maybe you’ll have her take one of you next time


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