Fairlie Delicious

Yesterday was largely spent in transit, driving from Christchurch to Lake Tekapo. Our guidebook clocks the drive at about four hours, but with some planned detours, and a couple of unplanned ones, it took about six hours.

Our planned detours took us through some beautiful scenery, including the Rakaia Gorge, where our intrepid photographer took a break from his driving duty to snap a few photos.

Jim at Rakaia Gorge
Jim at Rakaia Gorge

After an unplanned detour that took us through countryside reminiscent of Lancaster, PA, we righted ourselves and made it to the little town of Fairlie just in time for a bathroom break and some lunch.  Thanks to a friendly shopkeeper (who did well by us thanks to her helpfulness), we had lunch at Fairlie Bakery, which apparently is well known for their savory pies. Chowing down on a lamb pie, I couldn’t help but think of Sweeney Todd. We also split a salmon and bacon pie, both of which were more than fairly delicious.

Pat thinking about the “Demon Barber of Fleet Street”

Lake Tekapo is indeed a gorgeous glacial lake, and after some negotiating with reception, I got us a room with a view.

Room 801 looking out on Lake Tekapo

This was just a quick overnight on our way to Mount Cook, but we’re enjoying the pleasant weather after the spring snow storm that hit last week. Here’s hoping our luck continues!

Lake Tekapo with some lupines in the foreground















  1. That last photo of the lake is calendar worthy at the least – just magnificent

    Pat looks quite happy with that delicious pie – glad you found this place


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