Stopped in Our Tracks

And we are still waiting. When the men in the orange vests appeared on the train, we knew it wasn’t good. Sure enough, the train was disabled. We would have to ‘de-train.’ Unfortunately, I was familiar with that concept when my Septa train broke down a couple months ago. This process was even more complicated: get off the train, walk the tracks to board another train that reverses back to our previous stop. Wait for another train to take us to our destination, Bayeux. End result, a three hour delay.

Our main purpose in visiting Bayeux in Normandy was to tour the D-Day sites. Second on the list was to see the Bayeux Tapestry, a depiction of William the Conquerer’s conquest of England in 1066. The Tapestry is nearly 1,000 years old and in remarkable condition. Happily, 21st century technology came through, and we saw the Tapestry despite the train delay.

Our hotel is another work of art. Built in 1788, the owners have transformed the manor into a four-room B&B. Elegant velvet drapes juxtapose with a Calder-like mobile, a black and white themed bathroom features a chandelier and a lucite chair. I thought the owners must be artists – and they are. Both went to art school, and the husband, Phillipe, is also a journalist. I wish I could transport this apartment back to Trenton!

If our D-Day tour is as satisfying as our experience in Bayeux so far, we’ll be quite happy.


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