Four days late, but we’ve made it to Paris. Happily the prodigal bag followed us on the same plane. In fact it was among the first bags off the plane. Our pre-paid ride was no where to be seen when we got through customs but taxis are plentiful so no great harm, other than having to get a refund. And the weather, for today at least, is more seasonal and pleasant. Not the bitter arctic cold of the last week, but highs of around 50 and only partly cloudy. Methinks the cold weather gear we brought may have just gone for a really long ride.

The first hotel is decent, but Pat Sr didn’t get the desired room with a view of the Seine because that side of the building is under renovation. That of course begs the question as to why someone at the hotel didn’t mention that to the travel agent who handled the booking, but that would make too much sense. The picture above is the view from our room, which has a nice little balcony. We are only here one night before heading to Bayeaux in Normandy. A bit more hectic a start than we originally planned due to the flight issues. Our flight over last night was smooth, at least.

This is a quick post as we are waiting to meet up with Casey, who is meeting us for lunch in between classes.

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