Clark the wonder dog.

After three days hanging with Pat’s family in Southern California we are back home in Trenton, though the visit will be brief. Later today we will head back to our Philadelphia apartment and try to get ready for the work week ahead. Before that I’m going to try and dust off my shitty golf swing and attempt to play. Getting out for the walk will be the best part after yesterday’s flight back from LA. Pat plans to just putter around the house today. Likely a wiser move but I’m just not good at sitting still.

Hanging in SoCal

This trip has a lot of good memories. Often upon reflection after prior trips we have thought of things that maybe we should have tried, but not this time. Weather affected some plans but that happens. We are glad that we spent several days driving around the country. It really is the way to see New Zealand, and switching to the opposite side of the road is a manageable transition. The uncrowded and well-marked roads certainly help as does the fact the locals by and large aren’t aggressive drivers. (Certainly compared to what we encounter on the East Coast of the U.S.) We also are happy to have spent at least two nights in most locations. Some tour itineraries would have had us moving daily, which we don’t find relaxing.

To wrap, a shoutout to Jack and Jenna Rodeawald for hosting everyone for Thanksgiving dinner at their home in Thousand Oaks. Their neighborhood was blessed to be spared from the recent fires. We had a great time, and it was a good transition back to the real world. Pat may be back later with her wrap up on our accommodations for anyone considering a trip.


  1. What a beautiful array of photos – showing our handsome Clark and our beautiful family

    all thanks to Jim the family photographer who set up his tripod so that we can have this memorable family photo

    thanks Jim

    Pat looks so comfy with a beautiful dog named Bear just staring at her – loving the CA sunshine

    thankfully we have sun on the Day before everyone has to return to work – most everyone



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